Live Your Purpose

Every existing thing in this world is created for a purpose. Human, as the highest creation on earth, is also created for a specific purpose. Every different human has a unique and different purpose. Every purpose in human’s life is strongly related to its function.

Imagine a mobile phone. It is created for a specific purpose, i.e. to be a communication means for people. To accomplish this purpose, this mobile phone is equipped with some features or functions. The primary function of a mobile phone is to make a call, while some its additional functions are: to send messages, make a video calling, browse any information from internet, even to take a picture, like a camera.

Imagine a car. It has quite different function from a mobile phone. The specific purpose of this vehicle is to be a transportation means for people. To accomplish this purpose, this car has been equipped with some capabilities or functions. The primary function of a car is to transport people from one to another place. However, because of the rapid development in technology, some cars have been equipped with musical player for entertainment, global positioning system (GPS) for direction mapping, or even television for broadcast.

Mobile phone and car, both are products of high technology and have their own specific purpose and function that is quite different from each other. A mobile can not be jealous with a car because it does not have ability to move fast from one to another place. Conversely, a car can not also be envious with a mobile since it can not be used to connect people in the different places at the same time. The ability to transport people is not better or more noble than the ability to connect people. They have their own uniqueness and characteristic that is useful and profitable, depend on their user.

This story prevails in human’s life. A person who masters in sport can not be jealous with someone who masters in music. The third party can not even make a comparison between these two persons. They are created for their own specific function in life to accomplish the unique purpose that has already been established for them. No one is better. No one is greater. No one is more noble. It is not necessary for them to covet another’s abilities or possessions. They should be responsible for their own capabilities.

Always be thankful for every talent, skill, or ability that have been gifted to you. Do not always compare yourself to others. Do not feel ashamed if you do not have a capability that others have. You do not need to become others. You are a unique creation. You have a specific purpose in life. Only you can do it. Only you can make it. Only you can be it.

Find your purpose and function in life. Be proud of it, be confident about it, and live for it.

First  written on October, 1, 2012 and has been updated on May, 23, 2013.

Hidup kita seharusnya seperti anak panah yang tepat menuju sasaran.
Find your purpose, live with purpose, live your purpose.

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