October of Peace

  1. This momentary life on earth is a fight of faith. As Christ’s believers, we are called to live with eternal perspective, to value God’s kingdom more than things of this world.
  2. God’s love sustains our life. His faithfulness refreshes our hope every day.
  3. The Lord God Almighty is worthy of honor and glory. He has done things human mind could never comprehend. His plan is perfect and His work is accomplished in faithfulness.
  4. God is good, merciful, and trustworthy. His love is unending and His truth is unchanging.
  5. True peace comes from Christ. As Christians, we are called to live in peace, which brings thanksgiving in our hearts.
  6. God’s presence gives us comfort and courage amidst the most difficult time in our lives. He who is with us is greater and stronger than any problems or enemies we are facing. The Almighty is our Deliverer.
  7. The Lord’s plans are always good for us. As we abide in Him, our future is full of hope and peace. 
  8. Life is more than food, clothing, and other worldly concerns. It is a journey of trusting and loving the Lord our Provider and Savior. Put your hope in the Almighty God alone.
  9. God is good and merciful. He is worthy to be praised forever.
  10. God is working in you to cause all things to work together for your good and to reveal His purpose in your life.
  11. In a real relationship, we should humbly welcome corrections and kindly give corrections. Love should be expressed through actions and words to fulfill its purpose. 
  12. Faith in God makes all things possible. He is the Almighty, He is the Creator. As we believe in Him, He empowers us to achieve the impossible, to be victorious in life. 
  13. Faith in Christ brings healing to a broken heart and restoration to a troubled soul. 
  14. Ultimate joy and satisfaction in life is supplied by the Lord. Things and concerns of this world bring sorrow, but hope in the Lord gives us strength. 
  15. Do what is good and right, be merciful to others, live humbly before the Lord. 
  16. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the name above all names. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the Savior of all mankind. 
  17. God’s love for His people has been revealed in Jesus Christ. Those who believe in Christ belong to God forever—nothing can separate the believers from God’s love. 
  18. The coming of Christ brings light that overcomes darkness and hope that overcomes despair. Therefore, Christ’s believers have light and hope in their hearts. 
  19. The word of God, as we know in the Scripture, has power to expose the readers (read their minds and discern their hearts) and transform their lives. 
  20. We must be patient to reach the goals. Patience is essential for greatness and it helps us overcome pride.
  21. Holy Spirit is the most precious gift from God the Father to His beloved children. It is the Spirit of God who edifies and enables us to live in accordance to God’s will.
  22. The Scriptures teach us to patiently wait for the fulfillment of God’s promises. We are all waiting for something—the realization of dreams, desires, prayers, etc. and ultimately, the redemption of our bodies. God’s plans are perfect, though we may never understand them all, but we can always trust His timing and His purpose.
  23. Our motive in doing everything is not to seek glory for ourselves, but rather to love and honor the Lord. The humble ones seek glory for the Lord and value others with all due respect.
  24. Bowing down in prayer and worship expresses humility and reverence to the Lord. 
  25. The Word of God is the most powerful spiritual weapon that gives us victory in every spiritual battle in our lives. The Gospel brings every prideful and stubborn thought into captivity to be obedient to Christ. 
  26. The blood of Christ makes possible the eternal salvation of humanity through His once-for-all redemptive work at Calvary.
  27. Your gracious words can build someone’s life up. Choose wisely the words you use for communication. Fill your minds with God’s Word.
  28. Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God. The Son of God reveals the heavenly Father to humanity that we may know His love and the true meaning of life.
  29. When God is glorified, His peace will reign. All glory belongs to the Almighty. Let everything that has breath praise Him and experience His favor at all times. 
  30. The Word of Christ always edifies those who hear it. Our faith is strengthen as we pay attention to God’s Word. 
  31. Faithfulness to Christ is key to a fruitful life.