February of Love

  1. Humility shall take us to the promised land, a manifestation of God’s favor in our life.
  2. God’s chosen people show the following characters: merciful, kind (generous), humble, gentle (polite, responsible), patient (steadfast), and forgiving.
  3. When the Holy Spirit takes control of our lives, we are set free from the slavery of sin and the bondage of our self-righteousness. Living in obedience to God is no longer burdensome, but becomes a great pleasure.
  4. Self-centeredness is destructive—it is only concerned with personal gain, it always takes and never gives. To make a real impact, we need to give ourselves away. A great influence and inspiration requires sacrifice. Success never comes from a selfish attitude.
  5. Living in God’s righteousness is a rewarding decision. God’s free gift of salvation in Christ directs our free will and empowers us to freely live in His freedom.
  6. The Lord is pleased when we put our trust and hope in Him. Every day is a new, fresh opportunity to seek the Lord, to love and to know Him more.
  7. A good life starts with a good heart. We are given a responsibility to take a good care of our heart. God’s Word is the best nutrition for a healthy heart.
  8. God knows everything we need and what is the best for us. He has given us abundant life through Jesus Christ.
  9. The presence of the Almighty casts our fears away. God is the ultimate source of our strength and victories. Trust His heart, hold His hands, walk with Him.
  10. Jesus Christ has promised to give us life in its abundance and fullness. It is life filled with love, joy, peace, and hope that never ends.
  11. Believing in Christ Jesus grants us a permanent status as the children of God. It is a wonderful blessing that we may call the Creator of the universe, “Heavenly Father.” From Him, we receive abundant provision and complete protection.
  12. Sin may cover this fallen world, but the love of God covers the universe. Love God wholeheartedly and love people sincerely.
  13. When we walk in love, we live with perseverance, confidence, assurance, and endurance.
  14. Love is God’s nature: there is never a moment when He does not love. God demonstrates His love for mankind through the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ.
  15. The Lord desires to bless us abundantly, to give us a future and a hope. His plans are trustworthy, His promises are reliable, and His love is unfailing.
  16. Christ’s believers are to be sure that they are loved forever by God. Those who are not sure about God’s eternal love need to receive and believe in Christ.
  17. God’s work is not limited by human minds. What seems impossible for us is easy for the Almighty. We should believe in His mighty power that accomplishes great things for His glory and for our good.
  18. The source of our joy comes from within. Talk with God and hear His voice every day, just like we eat our daily meals. This discipline pleases God and therefore brings gratitude in our hearts.
  19. As we abide in God’s Word, He surrounds us with His love. We might be overwhelmed by our circumstances that surround us, but God is faithful and His strength will give us victory.
  20. Trusting in the Lord means putting our confidence in Him, in His ability to accomplish greater things than our expectations. Humans are limited—we should rely on God alone and surrender to His mighty power.
  21. Focus, not on the present sufferings (or struggles), but on the future glory the Lord has prepared for us. Live, not by sight of the circumstances, but by faith and hope in God.
  22. Living faithfully by faith makes God happy.
  23. The presence of God gives us ultimate strength and courage to overcome whatever enemies we are facing these days (fears, addictions, illnesses, hardships). Stay close with Him and expect the victory He has won.
  24. To live in Christ means to focus on the calling and the goal He has given. Through Christ, we know the will of God and the purpose of life. Living for Christ is the great, exclusive reward.
  25. Humans can’t live without the Word of God and the Spirit of God. As we open our hearts to believe in Jesus Christ, we receive also the Holy Spirit, our ultimate Helper, who enables us to live according to the will of God.
  26. How can a man pray to the Omniscient God of the universe? We need the Spirit of God to pray for us, on our behalf. We need Him even more in this age of distraction. In prayer, heart without words is better than words without heart.
  27. God’s favor is poured out to those who live in His righteousness, hate sin and shun evil.
  28. The Lord of the universe is the only One worthy of our worship. His kingdom will be established and He will reign over all the earth.
  29. Even though we cannot understand all God’s ways, we can trust that God has made everything beautiful in its time. He is not limited by time and space, He is the Lord of eternity.

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