June of Endurance

  1. Every word of God is trustworthy and every work of God is done faithfully. Integrity is living according to His word to proclaim His work.
  2. Justice only flourishes in the place of righteousness. Both are produced from the river of love with the streams of living water. When the Spirit of God is at work, justice and righteousness will be manifested and produce transformation in people’s lives.
  3. The real victory in life happens when good overcomes evil.
  4. Healing, restoration, and salvation come from the Almighty God—He alone is worthy of our praises.
  5. The existence of God the Creator is revealed by the wonder of the creation and the witness of human’s conscience.
  6. God is the Holy One able to cleanse our hearts and restore our spirits. As long as we live, we need His sanctification, that is to be continually purified and renewed, to share His holiness.
  7. Following Christ is a spiritual, not religious, decision. The moment you believe in Him, the Holy Spirit sets you free from the bondage of sin and slavery to the law, making you into a new creation.
  8. True wisdom comes from the Lord. As we honor Him, we will grow in our knowledge of Him. The more we know Him, the more reverence we have toward Him.
  9. The loving-kindness of the Lord never fails. His peace endures forever.
  10. Jesus Christ came to this world and demonstrated how to do the will of God by serving people with God’s love and giving his life for others. Let this humble attitude characterize us in our journeys of transformation into Christ’s likeness.
  11. Jesus Christ is the perfect manifestation of God’s love that brings eternal life to whoever believes in Him.
  12. Discipleship and evangelism are Christ’s commission to His disciples and all believers, to demonstrate His divine authority and faithfulness to His promise, to be with them until the end of time.
  13. Obedience to God begins with acceptance of His commandments and brings about God’s love and manifestation in our lives.
  14. Jesus Christ is the perfect incarnation of Jehovah God, the Creator of the universe. The fact that He is perfect, in His attributes (who He is) and attitudes (what He does), reveals why He remains the same eternally.
  15. Our endurance in loving the Lord is exercised through trials and temptations. There is surely a great reward from the Lord after we pass the test.
  16. The Lord Most High is our ultimate strength, solace, and safety. In God the Almighty we trust and find peaceful rest.
  17. Christ Jesus has made possible the reconciliation between God and humanity through His sacrifice on the cross. This truth is at the heart of the Gospel, which brings salvation to all who believe.
  18. God the Almighty whom we worship is the Creator of the universe. With sovereignty and authority He created this world and causes everything to work for His purpose. Fear God, He is able to do anything He wants.
  19. Jesus Christ is the best, perfect example of humility. To become like Christ means to live in humble obedience to God by surrendering our lives to Him.
  20. Eternal destiny in the afterlife is determined by faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. In Him, there is a true freedom from condemnation. Believing in Christ means everlasting life.
  21. Success at work and sufficiency in life come from God. His abundant grace enables us to perform good works for others.
  22. Respectful attitude toward parents lead to God’s blessings in this earthly life.
  23. What a privilege that we are called God’s children because of the Heavenly Father’s infinite love for us. The world may not know us, but the Father has loved us unconditionally through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  24. The real mark of Christ’s servant can be seen in the genuine desire to please the Lord. It is the life dedicated to God, to stand for His truth. It is the determination to live with God’s values above all human’s opinions.
  25. People may think they are doing right things in right ways. However, human mind is deceitful. We all desperately need God’s Word to guide us to live in His righteousness.
  26. Loving those who love you is easy. Loving those who hate you is Godly. It is one of the surest ways to earn great reward from God and to display the divine character of our Heavenly Father.
  27. Our real treasures are not earthly but heavenly, not visible but invisible, not temporal but eternal. Let us live with eternal mindset, focusing on the heavenly treasures, which are the things of God.
  28. Victorious life is ultimately possible through Jesus Christ who has conquered death. Through the power of His resurrection, we who believe will also be victorious.
  29. Living a Christian life means not only to know God and talk about His goodness, but also to experience His favor in tangible ways in our lives. The first step to experiencing God is to trust in Him.
  30. Merciful God is able to save everyone who calls on His name.