August of Harmony

  1. Give glory and honor to God through whatever we do and say.
  2. God’s Word purifies our hearts, so that we may not have sinful desires against Him. Examine yourself if His Word is in your heart every day
  3. Key to successful works is the favor of the Lord. As we rely on Him, our plans will succeed.
  4. The Word of God is essential for our spiritual nourishment. The deepest hunger of humanity is not for bread, but for the Bread of Life.
  5. The humble is surrounded by God’s grace. God favors humility over pride.
  6. Ultimate strength is found in the presence of the Lord. As we seek His face continually, we will find new strength in Him.
  7. Submission to God is a powerful force that overcome the devil.
  8. Every good work we do brings good, not only to others, but also to ourselves. The more good seed you sow, the more good harvest you reap.
  9. Light always overcome darkness. The Light of the World has come so nations and kings may see the glory of God.
  10. God the Almighty, the Creator of the universe, has infinite ability to deliver us from the hardest possible problems we are currently facing.
  11. Living in perfect harmony with one another requires patience, endurance, and encouragement from God through Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
  12. Peace in the midst of battle is only possible because of the Lord’s presence. The Almighty is not only with us, but He also does fight for us.
  13. Generosity produces generosity. Generosity acknowledges the Lord is Possessor of heaven and earth.
  14. God’s grace is enough for us, therefore we can be confident in His power which completely strengthens us when we are weak.
  15. God the Creator alone is worthy to be praised. He is the Uncaused First Cause and His name is exalted over all creation.
  16. Obedience to God is the result of spiritual ‘surgery’ of our heart. The work of the Holy Spirit transforms us into a new creation with God-given desires to live earnestly for Him.
  17. Hope in God is good medicine for discouraged heart. Praising the Savior brings comfort to afflicted soul.
  18. The Heavenly Father always gives good and perfect gift. He is not the author of sin and evil. He is eternally good and perfect, so we can always trust in Him.
  19. To receive the promise of God, we need to persistently do His will, not our will, in His way, not our way.
  20. Young people, be an example for others in what you say and do. Be an inspiration in your love for God and others, in your faithfulness, and in your holiness.
  21. To be the greatest, we should be willing to humbly serve others with sincere love for the Lord, our true Master. 
  22. God the Creator is the only One who deserves all glory because everything comes from Him and exists by His infinite power. 
  23. A healthy life starts with a happy heart. True happiness is from within: what is happening inward determines what is seen outward and how we can keep moving forward. 
  24. The Word of God has power to revive us, to give us wisdom, and to make us confident in His mighty work. 
  25. There is nothing too hard for God the Almighty. When your problems seem too big, remember God who is able to deliver you and give you victory.
  26. Heavens and earth display the greatness of the Creator. People too shall confess that He is Lord of all.
  27. The power of community: Through constructive relationship, we are sharpened by others to become a better and more impactful person in the lives of many others.
  28. God’s love is eternal. His love encompasses mercy and grace. Mercy is a compassionate love to the weak, while grace is a generous love to the unworthy. As we become God’s children, we are forever loved by the Heavenly Father.
  29. Hope in God’s promise gives us strength and courage in committing ourselves to His work. We can be sure that every hard work in the Lord is not in vain
  30. The beauty of living in God is that we can still have joy in Him regardless of our external circumstances. It is God Himself, our Savior, who is the ultimate reason of our delight. 
  31. We can live a godly life, not by our own righteous deeds, but by God Himself through His divine power that enables us to know His purposes in our lives.