Biblical Wisdom

  1. The Lord knows everything about you, every request you have, every struggle you are going through, everything that is going to happen in your life. Surrender it all to Him and rest in His love.
  2. A God-centered life is built upon Jesus Christ, the eternal rock of salvation. In Him, we grow deeper in love with God and stronger in our faithfulness to Him. In Him, we can live with a thankful heart.
  3. Life goes on because of three eternal values from the Creator: faith, hope, and love. Love is the greatest of these because it is the manifestation of faith and hope. Love God and love people as the image of God.
  4. By God’s grace, every Christ’s believer receives abundant blessings: restoration, support, strength, and establishment after a brief suffering on this earthly life. We are called to inherit His eternal glory.
  5. Living in Christ means setting our minds and hearts on Godly things (which are eternal), not on earthly things (which are temporal).
  6. Great things and remarkable secrets will be made known by God through our personal and profound relationship with Jesus Christ, the mystery of God.
  7. Discipline is a painful and unpleasant process, but at the end produces a harvest of righteousness and peace in the Godly way of living.
  8. Two choices are given: the flesh or the Spirit (man-centered or God-centered). We can’t devote ourselves to both as they lead to different paths. The flesh leads to death and chaos, the Spirit leads to life and peace. Let the Spirit take control of our lives.
  9. Merciful God is able to save everyone who calls on His name.
  10. Living a Christian life means not only to know God and talk about His goodness, but also to experience His favor in tangible ways in our lives. The first step to experiencing God is to trust in Him.
  11. Victorious life is ultimately possible through Jesus Christ who has conquered death. Through the power of His resurrection, we who believe will also be victorious.
  12. Our real treasures are not earthly but heavenly, not visible but invisible, not temporal but eternal. Let us live with eternal mindset, focusing on the heavenly treasures, which are the things of God.
  13. Loving those who love you is easy. Loving those who hate you is Godly. It is one of the surest ways to earn great reward from God and to display the divine character of our Heavenly Father.
  14. People may think they are doing right things in right ways. However, human mind is deceitful. We all desperately need God’s Word to guide us to live in His righteousness.
  15. The real mark of Christ’s servant can be seen in the genuine desire to please the Lord. It is the life dedicated to God, to stand for His truth. It is the determination to live with God’s values above all human’s opinions.
  16. What a privilege that we are called God’s children because of the Heavenly Father’s infinite love for us. The world may not know us, but the Father has loved us unconditionally through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  17. Respectful attitude toward parents lead to God’s blessings in this earthly life.
  18. Success at work and sufficiency in life come from God. His abundant grace enables us to perform good works for others.
  19. Eternal destiny in the afterlife is determined by faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. In Him, there is a true freedom from condemnation. Believing in Christ means everlasting life.
  20. Jesus Christ is the best, perfect example of humility. To become like Christ means to live in humble obedience to God by surrendering our lives to Him.
  21. God the Almighty whom we worship is the Creator of the universe. With sovereignty and authority He created this world and causes everything to work for His purpose. Fear God, He is able to do anything He wants.
  22. Christ Jesus has made possible the reconciliation between God and humanity through His sacrifice on the cross. This truth is at the heart of the Gospel, which brings salvation to all who believe.
  23. The Lord Most High is our ultimate strength, solace, and safety. In God the Almighty we trust and find peaceful rest.
  24. Our endurance in loving the Lord is exercised through trials and temptations. There is surely a great reward from the Lord after we pass the test.
  25. Jesus Christ is the perfect incarnation of Jehovah God, the Creator of the universe. The fact that He is perfect, in His attributes (who He is) and attitudes (what He does), reveals why He remains the same eternally.
  26. Obedience to God begins with acceptance of His commandments and brings about God’s love and manifestation in our lives.
  27. Discipleship and evangelism are Christ’s commission to His disciples and all believers, to demonstrate His divine authority and faithfulness to His promise, to be with them until the end of time.
  28. Jesus Christ is the perfect manifestation of God’s love that brings eternal life to whoever believes in Him.
  29. Jesus Christ came to this world and demonstrated how to do the will of God by serving people with God’s love and giving his life for others. Let this humble attitude characterize us in our journeys of transformation into Christ’s likeness.
  30. The loving-kindness of the Lord never fails. His peace endures forever.
  31. True wisdom comes from the Lord. As we honor Him, we will grow in our knowledge of Him. The more we know Him, the more reverence we have toward Him.
  32. Following Christ is a spiritual, not religious, decision. The moment you believe in Him, the Holy Spirit sets you free from the bondage of sin and slavery to the law, making you into a new creation.
  33. God is the Holy One able to cleanse our hearts and restore our spirits. As long as we live, we need His sanctification, that is to be continually purified and renewed, to share His holiness.
  34. The existence of God the Creator is revealed by the wonder of the creation and the witness of human’s conscience.
  35. Healing, restoration, and salvation come from the Almighty God—He alone is worthy of our praises.
  36. The real victory in life happens when good overcomes evil.
  37. Justice only flourishes in the place of righteousness. Both are produced from the river of love with the streams of living water. When the Spirit of God is at work, justice and righteousness will be manifested and produce transformation in people’s lives.
  38. Every word of God is trustworthy and every work of God is done faithfully. Integrity is living according to His word to proclaim His work.
  39. Love embraces and celebrates truth, not evil.
  40. The Almighty is our ultimate safety and protection from the enemy. Run to Him and dwell in His presence always.
  41. Let us not boast about something that is fragile. Boast only about the Lord for He alone is eternally unshakable. Boast about who He is and what He has done in our lives.
  42. When we realize that God is our ultimate strength, protection, and comfort, we can never stop trusting Him and praising Him wholeheartedly.
  43. Humility, gentleness, and patience are Godly characters developed through difficulties and expressed in forgiveness and loving-kindness.
  44. Faithful is one of God’s divine attributes. His faithfulness has been demonstrated in the fulfilling of His promise in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.
  45. Your life is a gift from God. Surrendering your life to God is your gift back to Him. Abundant life is given to those who commit life to Christ.
  46. The life of God’s true worshipers is filled with thanksgiving and praises to God for all His marvelous works, including the work of creation and the work of redemption.
  47. Trouble is a certainty we must face every day as long as we live. But we do not need to worry if God is with us because He is bigger than our problems. In the hand of God, our troubles will turn into good testimonies and our problems will become great purposes.
  48. Every day God loads us with benefits and bears our burdens. He is the reason of our devotion and adoration every single day.
  49. True joy is divine. It is only in the Lord we can always rejoice.
  50. God is the one who initiates the relationship with us. He gives us an opportunity each day to respond (never waste it!): hear His voice, open our hearts to Him, and enjoy His presence.
  51. The Great Commandment to love God with all heart, all soul, and all strength is a divine invitation for mankind to believe in the Triune God.
  52. The wonders of nature, including the creations and the creatures, testify the glory of God the Creator. Our hearts [human conscience] could not deny that knowledge, therefore we would eventually acknowledge the Almighty.
  53. The path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter because the Light of the World lives in him that the darkness shall never prevail.
  54. The word of Jesus Christ is the foundation of every spiritual teaching and singing that comes from the heart.
  55. The Gospel is God’s power that saves every Christ’s believer. It is the true ‘medicine’ for the dying world and we should not be ashamed to proclaim it.
  56. God’s judgment to mankind is determined upon whether or not they have faith in Christ Jesus.
  57. Jehovah God is the true source of strength, song (joy), and salvation. As we trust in Him, we fear nothing but Him alone.
  58. God has equipped everyone with unique gifts and abilities to serve one another in love. Those talents are God’s gift to us, how we treat them is our gift back to God.
  59. God has shown us the path of life. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. It is in His presence that we find ultimate joy and pleasures forever.
  60. Prayer is powerful when we believe. The effectiveness of prayer is directly influenced by faith in God.
  61. Jesus Christ, Light of the World, has come to this world to save mankind from the darkness. As we live in Him, we shall walk in the light that shines ever brighter.
  62. God’s love is so amazing that He has promised to be with us until the end of time. The heavenly Father always takes care of His beloved children. Even when we are old, we remain His.
  63. There is always a future hope for those who fear God, that is hope for both life on earth and the afterlife.
  64. Greatness starts with faithfulness in little things.
  65. A selfless life manifested in doing good to others and sharing with those in need is a sacrificial act of love that pleases God.
  66. Seeking God’s kingdom means pursuing righteousness, peace, and joy through the work of His Spirit.
  67. Trusting in the Lord causes only good and never results in bad. By the goodness of the Lord, we receive protection and provision at all times.
  68. There is always a reason to praise God every day. Fill our days with praises and thanksgiving to the Lord.
  69. Perfect peace is surely given to those who live by faith in God and focus on His truth.
  70. Living for God’s kingdom and righteousness causes divine provision for all our needs.
  71. Eternal salvation is available to all who trust in Jesus Christ.
  72. Yahweh (Jehovah) is the only One true God. He has no rival, He has no equal. He is the Almighty and the Holy One. He alone is worthy of our worship.
  73. The best example of love is demonstrated by Christ Jesus who has loved you and me by giving His life for us. Our best response to His love is by giving our lives to Him.
  74. There is power in every word of God. His promise is sure, it is worth waiting and hoping for. God’s word is the best nourishment to our soul.
  75. Jesus Christ reveals His authority over life and death through His resurrection from the dead, which has forever changed the course of human history.
  76. One of God’s attribute is eternal. God is love and His love for us is eternal. This knowledge of truth should lead us to worship.
  77. Peace, security, and satisfaction in life starts with the fear of God, an attitude that honors and brings glory to God alone.
  78. There are innumerable things in life that we cannot understand, unless they are revealed to us. God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. At last, we just need to believe in His Word in order to see with our hearts. We are in His thoughts and walk in His ways.
  79. Jesus Christ remains alive forever and continuously prays for us who believe in Him. We can therefore be sure that our salvation in Him is secure.
  80. We are saved by God’s grace through our faith in Jesus Christ. As a result, we are to bear good works as the fruit of righteousness that bring glory to Him.
  81. Serving God and following Him is a great privilege and honor. We cannot serve God without following Him and we cannot follow God without serving Him.
  82. Believing in Jesus Christ sets us free from the bondage of sin and the punishment of death. As we believe and surrender our lives to Him, the Spirit of God works in us, so we no longer live to gratify our fleshly desires but to satisfy the Spirit’s wills.
  83. As long as we live, God gives us a daily chance to repent and return to Him. A genuine, wholehearted repentance brings God’s restoration in our lives.
  84. Prayer is a two-way communication with God where not only we talk but also listen to Him to receive His guidance. In prayer, we feel God’s love and we express our trust in Him. It is important to start our day with prayer.
  85. Our hard work and labor in love are never in vain. One day we will delightfully taste the fruits of our good works.
  86. As we keep growing in loving and knowing the Word of God, we let ourselves be purified and prepared for the coming of Christ.
  87. By God’s mercy, through Christ’s resurrection, every believer is given a new life with a sure hope for eternal life.
  88. Christ’s resurrection from death is the ultimate hope for mankind.
  89. Jesus Christ is the only One able to give us victory over sin and death because He himself has died and come back to life. He is alive forever and therefore worthy of our worship.
  90. The greatest love has been revealed through the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is all necessary for the salvation of humanity.
  91. God has made simple His plan for our salvation: it is by believing Christ’s lordship in our hearts and professing His resurrection from the dead. Everyone can receive this promise of hope through faith in Jesus.
  92. Once you have been born again through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit, your lives (thoughts, speeches, actions) have become all about Jesus and your hearts abound with thanksgiving to God.
  93. A Godly attitude is shown in joyful hope, firm patience, and faithful prayer.
  94. Always remember: when you are distressed, seek God first—only He can comfort, heal, and restore you.
  95. Salvation is a free gift from God to mankind. It is given out of the Giver’s generosity, not earned by the receiver’s ability. To receive a gift, we only need to trust the giver. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we are saved by God’s grace.
  96. A body without spirit is dead. The fact that we are alive shows that there is spirit within us. This spirit is created through the word of God and must be regenerated by the Spirit of God to produce everlasting life.
  97. Our natural tendency is to live independently from anyone, including the Creator, which often causes us to take the wrong paths. That’s why we need the Good Shepherd to lead us in the way of righteousness.
  98. The word of God is powerful and effective (fruitful), so is the life of every man who live by the word of God.
  99. Living by faith is the surest way to God’s favor. God is the reward for those who believe in Jesus Christ.
  100. Apart from God, we can do nothing. With God, we can do all things through Christ who enables and empowers us.
  101. Every human being needs a figure of hero who loves people unconditionally by giving his life for them. We are all in desperate need of a savior, a healer, a redeemer—no man can be one, only the Almighty can.
  102. Peace with God is made possible through Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross that redeems and justifies those who trust in Him.
  103. Each of us is facing a battle. Our enemies are not people, but evil spirits. The best weapon for winning this spiritual warfare is the Word of God. Love God, love people, fight the evil.
  104. Contentment overcomes covetousness. It is a confidence in God’s faithfulness to realize His wonderful promise, plan, and purpose in our life.
  105. Perfect love is divine because God is love. When we receive His perfect love, we live by faith and no longer live in fears.
  106. Jesus knows your suffering. He understands all the hardships you have been through. You are not alone, because He has experienced every pain in your life. His wounds can heal any diseases in your body and soul.
  107. It is wise to make plans, but it is wiser to know the Lord’s purposes in our lives and surrender our plans to Him.
  108. God has promised to heal and restore His people, to reveal His abundant peace and truth. Seek God, trust Him, and we shall receive His promise.
  109. The assurance of our hope is not based on the future certainty and possibility, but established by the faithfulness of God who holds the future.
  110. Every problem in life is an opportunity to earnestly seek God, to draw close to Him. In the presence of God, there is fullness of peace and safety.
  111. We know that we belong to God because the Holy Spirit is in us. As a result, we shall receive the greatest power from the Almighty and live a victorious life.
  112. True joy, peace, and hope are supplied by God alone. As we trust in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit continually works in us the earnest desire to constantly seek and depend on God.
  113. Humans need both physical and spiritual nourishments. Every spiritual blessing we need has been provided in Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of our praise. The more we praise and honor Him, the more we grow spiritually in love with Him.
  114. God whom we worship is the good Father who never leaves us alone. His presence gives us hope and courage to walk through the storms of life. Trust in His promise of deliverance.
  115. Jesus Christ is God the Creator and without Him there would be no life. The characters and attributes of God are fully revealed in Jesus Christ.
  116. Repentance precedes restoration. As we humbly confess our sin and turn to God, He will forgive and heal us.
  117. God’s peace has been given in Jesus Christ amid the earthly troubles and sorrows as He has defeated death, the final enemy of humanity.
  118. Peace of God, which surpasses human understanding and reasoning, is given through Jesus Christ. This peace will cast away fear from our hearts and minds so we can live by faith in Him. To experience God’s peace, we should be prayerful and grateful always.
  119. Staying near with God and dwelling in His presence is a wise decision and important commitment one can [and should] make every day. Living in a personal and profound relationship with the Creator leads to daily purification of our hearts and minds.
  120. A righteous man produces fruit that brings life to others. A wise man inspires others to follow the way of righteousness.
  121. The Lord’s blessing for God-fearing man: (1) Direction, (2) Happiness, (3) Prosperity, (4) Wisdom, (5) Covenant. The Lord honors those who honor Him.
  122. Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Heavenly Father in whom humanity finds truth and salvation.
  123. Fulfilling the law of God is manifested in the acts of sacrificial love to others.
  124. Forgiveness and purification begin with by humility and confession.
  125. Trusting in the Lord and relying on Him gives us peace, joy, and hope that this world cannot offer.
  126. As we continually feed on God’s words, His desire becomes ours and our requests will be in accordance to His will. Heavenly Father knows what is the best for His children.
  127. Resurrection is only possible by the Spirit of God. The power of the Holy Spirit gives us, who believe in Jesus Christ, eternal life.
  128. The Spirit of God is amazingly well pleased to live in every human. That is why every life is precious in the eyes of God.
  129. Patience and self-control are basic ingredients for greatness. These attributes are not naturally produced by human efforts. They are the fruit of the Spirit of God.
  130. True strength comes from the Almighty God. Seek His presence and abide in His word every day. His presence gives peace to the restless and His word gives courage to the hopeless.
  131. Even though we cannot understand all God’s ways, we can trust that God has made everything beautiful in its time. He is not limited by time and space, He is the Lord of eternity.
  132. The Lord of the universe is the only One worthy of our worship. His kingdom will be established and He will reign over all the earth.
  133. God’s favor is poured out to those who live in His righteousness, hate sin and shun evil.
  134. How can a man pray to the Omniscient God of the universe? We need the Spirit of God to pray for us, on our behalf. We need Him even more in this age of distraction. In prayer, heart without words is better than words without heart.
  135. Humans can’t live without the Word of God and the Spirit of God. As we open our hearts to believe in Jesus Christ, we receive also the Holy Spirit, our ultimate Helper, who enables us to live according to the will of God.
  136. To live in Christ means to focus on the calling and the goal He has given. Through Christ, we know the will of God and the purpose of life. Living for Christ is the great, exclusive reward.
  137. The presence of God gives us ultimate strength and courage to overcome whatever enemies we are facing these days (fears, addictions, illnesses, hardships). Stay close with Him and expect the victory He has won.
  138. Living faithfully by faith makes God happy.
  139. Focus, not on the present sufferings (or struggles), but on the future glory the Lord has prepared for us. Live, not by sight of the circumstances, but by faith and hope in God.
  140. Trusting in the Lord means putting our confidence in Him, in His ability to accomplish greater things than our expectations. Humans are limited—we should rely on God alone and surrender to His mighty power.
  141. As we abide in God’s Word, He surrounds us with His love. We might be overwhelmed by our circumstances that surround us, but God is faithful and His strength will give us victory.
  142. The source of our joy comes from within. Talk with God and hear His voice every day, just like we eat our daily meals. This discipline pleases God and therefore brings gratitude in our hearts.
  143. God’s work is not limited by human minds. What seems impossible for us is easy for the Almighty. We should believe in His mighty power that accomplishes great things for His glory and for our good.
  144. Christ’s believers are to be sure that they are loved forever by God. Those who are not sure about God’s eternal love need to receive and believe in Christ.
  145. The Lord desires to bless us abundantly, to give us a future and a hope. His plans are trustworthy, His promises are reliable, and His love is unfailing.
  146. Love is God’s nature: there is never a moment when He does not love. God demonstrates His love for mankind through the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ.
  147. When we walk in love, we live with perseverance, confidence, assurance, and endurance.
  148. Sin may cover this fallen world, but the love of God covers the universe. Love God wholeheartedly and love people sincerely.
  149. Believing in Christ Jesus grants us a permanent status as the children of God. It is a wonderful blessing that we may call the Creator of the universe, “Heavenly Father.” From Him, we receive abundant provision and complete protection.
  150. Jesus Christ has promised to give us life in its abundance and fullness. It is life filled with love, joy, peace, and hope that never ends.
  151. The presence of the Almighty casts our fears away. God is the ultimate source of our strength and victories. Trust His heart, hold His hands, walk with Him.
  152. God knows everything we need and what is the best for us. He has given us abundant life through Jesus Christ.
  153. A good life starts with a good heart. We are given a responsibility to take a good care of our heart. God’s Word is the best nutrition for a healthy heart.
  154. The Lord is pleased when we put our trust and hope in Him. Every day is a new, fresh opportunity to seek the Lord, to love and to know Him more.
  155. Living in God’s righteousness is a rewarding decision. God’s free gift of salvation in Christ directs our free will and empowers us to freely live in His freedom.
  156. Self-centeredness is destructive—it is only concerned with personal gain, it always takes and never gives. To make a real impact, we need to give ourselves away. A great influence and inspiration requires sacrifice. Success never comes from a selfish attitude.
  157. When the Holy Spirit takes control of our lives, we are set free from the slavery of sin and the bondage of our self-righteousness. Living in obedience to God is no longer burdensome, but becomes a great pleasure.
  158. God’s chosen people show the following characters: merciful, kind (generous), humble, gentle (polite, responsible), patient (steadfast), and forgiving.
  159. Humility shall take us to the promised land, a manifestation of God’s favor in our life.
  160. Honoring God, trusting and obeying Him is all that matters ultimately. It is a solid foundation for living a fruitful and meaningful life.
  161. There is an ongoing good work in us as we trust in [and entrust our lives to] Jesus Christ, who will bring it to completion. Let God build our lives upon a firm, unshakable foundation of His Word. Be patient and celebrate every progress.
  162. Studying the Scriptures is the best investment [in this temporary life on earth] that will last for eternity. The Word of God is powerful to transform lives: it gives us meaning and purpose, which can only be found in the Creator of Life.
  163. Where the Lord is, there is peace. Seek His face, dwell in His presence every day.
  164. Christ has suffered and died on our behalf to set us free from the bondage of sins and the curses of death, to present us wholly and acceptable before God.
  165. God is gracious and merciful. Love is His nature and there is never a moment when God does not love—even God’s anger is a holy expression of His love. When we sincerely come to Him and confess our sins, He forgives and restores us.
  166. Believing in Jesus means eternal salvation. Our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs are fulfilled by the abundant provision of our Heavenly Father.
  167. Daily repentance is what the Lord desires from us. We make mistakes every day and it is wise to come to Him for forgiveness and healing. He has promised to never leave nor forsake us.
  168. Following Christ means putting Him at the center of our lives: everything we do and say revolves around Him. It is only when we die to ourselves that we can truly live for God.
  169. The conditions of our inner (spiritual) being outweigh those of our outer (physical) being. By the Word of God, our spirits are being renewed every day as we walk by faith in Him who walks with us into eternity.
  170. Trials and temptations are inevitable as we live in this fallen world; but we can put our trust in the faithful God, who remains in control and works all things for our good. Almighty God is forever greater than our problems. Our hope in Him is not in vain.
  171. The faithfulness of God never ends. People from every generation shall testify it. We will realize it when we love Him and live in His ways by abiding in His words.
  172. True satisfaction or fulfillment in life belongs to those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, which can only be found in God.
  173. The indwelling Holy Spirit in us is a sustainable power that enables us to become the effective witnesses of God’s good news that brings salvation to humanity.
  174. Salvation is available to all people by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. The saving grace of God leads us in constant rejection of sin and continuous pursuit of godliness until the revelation of His glory transforms us completely into His likeness.
  175. While we have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, we must actively pursue His peace and holiness until we see Him face to face in eternity.
  176. The world is not our home and the worldly things are not meant to satisfy our deepest need, which can only be fulfilled by the Heavenly Father. Those who live for God will live for eternity.
  177. Humility precedes honor and exaltation. In humility, we recognize God as the true source of our strength.
  178. The Spirit of God enables us to live with authority and ability to love others and train ourselves in His way.
  179. As we patiently wait on the Lord and continually trust and hope in Him, our strength is renewed every day so we can endure in any circumstances.
  180. Endurance is developed through hardships and challenges. When faith undergoes examination, the best thing we can do is to face it patiently and joyfully with a total trust in God who leads us to the way to greatness, perfection, completeness.
  181. Whatever our position or job title is, we are essentially serving God as our true Master. Our talents and rewards come from Him. Our dedication in work is our worship to Him. Pleasing, honoring, and glorifying God is the utmost motivation in everything we do.
  182. The Lord knows everything much more than we do and He is always in control. Trusting God wholeheartedly and confessing His sovereignty brings wisdom and peace in our hearts and minds.
  183. The quality of a tree can be determined from the quality and quantity of the fruit it produces. A Spirit-driven life will continually bear the high-quality fruit (e.g., love, joy, peace, patience, self-control) which brings delights to those who taste it.
  184. Life is like a building construction. Every ‘under construction’ building is a work on progress and upon its completion, it will reflect the greatness of the builder. God is the Builder of our lives and He is still at work in us. Trust His heart, let Him work.
  185. God is not only working to cause everything for our good, but He is also working in our hearts to encourage, enable, and empower us to accomplish His purposes.
  186. Every God’s word and promise never fails. Nothing can stop Him from fulfilling His purpose in your life. When we come to Him in worship, catch on His promise and keep His word in our hearts. One day they will surely come to pass.
  187. Humans are the most wonderful among God’s creation, created in the image of God Himself who has also prepared the good things for them to do. In Christ Jesus, we find the ultimate purposes of our lives.
  188. God is able to cause everything to work together for a two-fold purpose: the good of His people and the glory of His name.
  189. It is a great comfort to know that the Lord of the universe has loved us faithfully, eternally, unconditionally—no time and space limits, no terms and conditions. He is good all the time.
  190. Start every day with the Word before we use words in our activities—nothing is more important than the Word as He was there in the beginning before any other things existed.

Love and Relationship

  1. “Kejujuran yang menyakitkan lebih baik daripada kebohongan yang manis.”
  2. “Membangun hubungan akan terasa paling nyaman jika didasari oleh ketulusan dan kemurnian.”
  3. “Unconditional love is to love unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.
  4. The true happiness in life is found when we realize that there is someone who truly loves and cares for us.
  5. “Kekuatan pria terlihat dari kesetiaannya, kekuatan wanita terlihat dari kelemahlembutan yang tercermin dari penundukan diri-nya.”
  6. Don’t love someone because of physical reasons like ‘how good-looking he is’, ‘how much money he has’, or ‘how smart he is’, because they are all temporary. Love someone without conditions, because when you really love someone, it means that you are also ready to love his strength and his weak, his brightness and his darkness, even his success and his failure. When you are in love, it will be forever.
  7. Having a lot of friends in life doesn’t guarantee happiness to you. Even sometimes when we have new friends and get closer to them, our old friends might feel neglected and far from us. Just have ONE friend in life that truly loves and sincerely accepts you is enough. Don’t despise the love that your friend gave to you. Find the ONE in your life, because ONE is enough.
  8. “Cinta sejati takkan terbagi.”
  9. “Orang-orang yang benar-benar menyayangi kita seringkali adalah orang-orang yang membuat kita tidak nyaman, karena mereka sesungguhnya sedang menarik kita keluar dari zona nyaman kita.”
  10. People love God because He has loved them first. A woman loves a man because he has loved her first. Both God and man are the initiator, both people and woman are the response-giver.”
  11. Two things that God really wants from His people: faithfulness and intimacy. So does the man from his spouse.
  12. The relationship between God and His people should be the foundation of truth for the relationship between a man and his bride.
  13. “Hati BAPA selalu rindu bersekutu dengan umatNya. Demikianlah hati pria selalu rindu bersekutu dengan kekasih belahan jiwa-nya.”
  14. “Seperti BAPA senang dikenal oleh umatNya, demikianlah seorang pria senang jika dikenal oleh mempelainya.”
  15. “Tuhan tidak melihat apa yang di depan mata, melainkan HATI. Pria yang bijak juga tidak melihat penampilan luar (fisik), melainkan HATI.”
  16. “Seperti Tuhan terpesona oleh HATI umatNya (mempelaiNya), demikianlah seorang pria terpesona oleh HATI wanita kekasihnya.”
  17. “Ciri hubungan yang benar dari dua anak manusia yang menjalin kasih: Hubungan itu akan membawa mereka berdua semakin mengenal Sang Pencipta Kasih.”

Daily Work and Life

  1. “Cintai apa yang sedang engkau kerjakan sekarang ini, maka semuanya akan terasa lebih mudah dan ringan.”
  2. Don’t compete to defeat others. Compete to defeat yourself, to defeat the best of yourself, and achieve the best of your best.
  3. “Kompetisi yang sesungguhnya dalam kehidupan bukanlah tentang bagaimana mengalahkan orang lain, tetapi tentang bagaimana mengalahkan diri sendiri.”
  4. We will never be truly happy as long as we always think about ourselves.
  5. If I can do it, it’s not because I’m good. It’s because God is good.
  6. “Lebih baik memiliki sedikit barang tetapi berguna semuanya, daripada memiliki banyak sekali barang tetapi banyak yang tidak berguna.”
  7. “Di mana pun yang namanya belajar pasti ada harga yang harus dibayar. Ada pengorbanan, ada penderitaan.”
  8. “Terkadang kita perlu ‘terpaksa’ mengerjakan sesuatu yang tidak kita suka, karena justru itu yang akan membantu pembentukan karakter kita.”
  9. Don’t wait until you have a lot of money to influence people. Your influence doesn’t depend on how much money you have.
  10. “Yang benar adalah ‘Berkat datang jika kita gembira’, bukan ‘Kita gembira jika berkat datang’.”
  11. “Kebesaran seseorang dapat dilihat dari caranya memperlakukan orang-orang kecil di sekitarnya.”
  12. New day is new hope and new passion. Don’t wait until new year to have your new day.
  13. “Jangan hidup hari ini dengan semangat kemarin. Hari yang baru harus disertai dengan semangat yang baru!”
  14. “Tidak ada alasan untuk bangga dan bermegah atas diri sendiri karena biar bagaimanapun dan sampai kapanpun, hal-hal yang TIDAK kita pahami selalu lebih banyak daripada hal-hal yang kita pahami. Yang terpenting adalah kerendahan hati untuk terus mau belajar dan diajar serta terkadang mengakui ‘kebodohan’ kita.”
  15. Two ears and one mouth = listen more and talk less.
  16. Having higher degree in education doesn’t make you better than the others. We are all equal as humanbeings. Nobody is higher or more noble than his neighbour. Keep humble.
  17. Sometimes it is good to be annoying person in life, because by this way you can examine your friends whether they accepted you only when you are good or they really accepted you just the way you are.
  18. “Kebahagiaan seorang pengajar adalah ketika melihat keberhasilan anak-anak didik-nya menjadi manusia yang berguna dan berbakti. Kebahagiaan yang tidak dapat dinilai dengan uang dan harta apapun.”
  19. “Musuh utama seorang pengajar adalah sikap mengetahui kebenaran tetapi tidak banyak melakukannya.”
  20. “Orang yang kuat, mau mengakui kelemahannya. Orang yang lemah selalu mengandalkan kekuatannya sendiri.”
  21. “Seringkali kita baru menyadari betapa berharganya sesuatu ketika sesuatu itu hilang.”
  22. “Semua hal besar selalu diawali dari hal kecil, karena itu jangan pernah menganggap remeh hal-hal kecil, kerjakan sesuatu mulai dari yang kecil, dan setia terhadap hal-hal kecil.”
  23. “Bersyukurlah kalau kita hanya diberi satu talenta, karena kita tidak perlu bingung talenta mana yang harus dimaksimalkan. Jangan senang dulu kalau kita diberi banyak talenta, karena kita harus bisa memilih talenta mana yang harus menjadi prioritas untuk dimaksimalkan.”
  24. “Orang yang merasa tidak nyaman dengan dirinya sendiri akan menimbulkan rasa tidak nyaman bagi orang lain. If you feel insecure about yourself, you will make others feel insecure too.
  25. “Ada kalanya diam, ada kalanya bicara. Saat engkau diam, biarlah diam-mu itu emas, dan saat engkau berbicara, biarlah bicara-mu bagai air yang menyejukkan.”

When Trials Come

  1. “Bersyukur di saat senang itu mudah. Tetap bersyukur di saat menderita, itu namanya korban syukur. Tuhan senang jika kita memberikan korban syukur.”
  2. “Beberapa orang berusaha menjatuhkan Anda. Tetapi selama Anda tahu bahwa Anda benar, Anda tidak perlu takut, karena waktu-lah yang akan membuktikan siapa yang pada akhirnya tetap berdiri tegar. Serahkan semuanya pada Tuhan, karena pembelaan adalah hak-Nya.”
  3. “Selalu ada ujian sebelum kenaikan kelas. Jika hari-hari ini Anda sedang menghadapi ujian dalam hidup, itu tandanya sebentar lagi Anda akan naik ke level yang lebih tinggi.”
  4. “Bersyukurlah jika ada orang yang meremehkan atau menganggap rendah kita, karena sesungguhnya orang tersebut sedang membangun batu loncatan agar kita dapat melompat lebih tinggi.”
  5. One problem solved, one another problem appears. This happens in every people’s lives. The reason why it is happened is because God wants to bring us walking from GLORY to GLORY by conquering all these problems. Yes, we are destined to be conqueror.
  6. “Masalah tidak akan pernah mendewasakan kita. Keputusan dalam merespon masalah-lah yang akan mendewasakan kita.”
  7. “Sesuatu yang MURNI itu pasti mahal harganya dan tinggi nilainya, karena dia telah terbebas dari pengotor-pengotor, melalui suatu PROSES yang panjang dan terkadang menyakitkan.”

Faith in Jesus

  1. The greatest miracle isn’t ‘raising the dead’. ‘Turning the souls from darkness to the Kingdom of light’ is the greatest. Only Jesus can do.
  2. EXCELLENT DISCIPLE is a person who has a spirit of EXCELLENCE to DISCIPLINE himself.
  3. Experience is not the best teacher. God’s Word is.
  4. Don’t replace God by money.”
  5. “Tuhan bukanlah sesuatu yang ada untuk dipelajari, melainkan sesuatu yang ada untuk dialami.”
  6. “Karunia terindah yang Tuhan berikan bukanlah untuk memiliki segala sesuatu, melainkan untuk menikmati segala sesuatu.”
  7. “Semakin tinggi pohon, semakin dalam akarnya. Semakin tinggi bangunan, semakin dalam fondasinya. Take me higher and draw me deeper, Lord.
  8. Conservative inside, Contemporary outside. Creativity inside out.
  9. “Orang yang percaya Tuhan lebih keren daripada orang yang percaya diri.”
  10. “Iman tanpa perbuatan = MATI. Perbuatan tanpa iman = DOSA. Jadi, baik iman maupun perbuatan harus menjadi menu utama dalam kehidupan kita setiap hari agar kita tidak mati dan tidak berdosa.”
  11. “Banyak orang berpikir keras bagaimana caranya agar berkenan kepada manusia, tetapi seringkali lupa hal yg terpenting, yaitu hidup berkenan kepada Tuhan.”
  12. “Yang BAPA kehendaki adalah belas kasihan dan bukan persembahan, karena kita bisa saja mempersembahkan sesuatu tanpa rasa belas kasihan, namun jika kita memiliki belas kasihan, kita pasti akan mempersembahkan sesuatu.”
  13. “Hidup itu paling nikmat kalau bisa peka mendengar suara Tuhan dan melakukan apa yang menjadi kehendakNya.”
  14. Don’t seek out men’s approval. Seek out God’s approval, because He has completely accepted you just the way you are.
  15. “Hidup untuk mendapatkan perkenanan dan persetujuan orang lain adalah cara hidup yang melelahkan. Hidup untuk mendapatkan perkenanan dan persetujuan BAPA adalah cara hidup yang menggairahkan.”
  16. “Jika dalam hidup kita selalu kuatir, ragu-ragu, dan takut, kita sama saja sedang meremehkan atau menghina Pencipta dan Pemelihara hidup kita.”
  17. “Inisiatif adalah salah satu karakter Tuhan yang harus dimiliki oleh setiap pria.”
  18. “Menabur air mata, menuai mata air.”
  19. “Musuh terbesar dari kerajaan Allah bukanlah kerajaan setan, melainkan kerajaan diri sendiri. (The greatest opponent of God’s Kingdom is not kingdom of evil, but kingdom of myself).
  20. “Ekspresi kasih Tuhan yang tertinggi bagi kita adalah dengan menyerahkan hidupNya bagi kita. Demikian juga, ekspresi kasih kita yang tertinggi kepada Tuhan seharusnya adalah dengan menyerahkan hidup kita bagiNya.”
  21. Jesus Christ is the answer for the two greatest mysteries in human’s life: suffering and death.

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