May of Perseverance

  1. Perfect peace is surely given to those who live by faith in God and focus on His truth.
  2. There is always a reason to praise God every day. Fill our days with praises and thanksgiving to the Lord.
  3. Trusting in the Lord causes only good and never results in bad. By the goodness of the Lord, we receive protection and provision at all times.
  4. Seeking God’s kingdom means pursuing righteousness, peace, and joy through the work of His Spirit.
  5. A selfless life manifested in doing good to others and sharing with those in need is a sacrificial act of love that pleases God.
  6. Greatness starts with faithfulness in little things.
  7. There is always a future hope for those who fear God, that is hope for both life on earth and the afterlife.
  8. God’s love is so amazing that He has promised to be with us until the end of time. The heavenly Father always takes care of His beloved children. Even when we are old, we remain His.
  9. Jesus Christ, Light of the World, has come to this world to save mankind from the darkness. As we live in Him, we shall walk in the light that shines ever brighter.
  10. Prayer is powerful when we believe. The effectiveness of prayer is directly influenced by faith in God.
  11. God has shown us the path of life. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. It is in His presence that we find ultimate joy and pleasures forever.
  12. God has equipped everyone with unique gifts and abilities to serve one another in love. Those talents are God’s gift to us, how we treat them is our gift back to God.
  13. Jehovah God is the true source of strength, song (joy), and salvation. As we trust in Him, we fear nothing but Him alone.
  14. God’s judgment to mankind is determined upon whether or not they have faith in Christ Jesus.
  15. The Gospel is God’s power that saves every Christ’s believer. It is the true ‘medicine’ for the dying world and we should not be ashamed to proclaim it.
  16. The word of Jesus Christ is the foundation of every spiritual teaching and singing that comes from the heart.
  17. The path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter because the Light of the World lives in him that the darkness shall never prevail.
  18. The wonders of nature, including the creations and the creatures, testify the glory of God the Creator. Our hearts [human conscience] could not deny that knowledge, therefore we would eventually acknowledge the Almighty.
  19. The Great Commandment to love God with all heart, all soul, and all strength is a divine invitation for mankind to believe in the Triune God.
  20. God is the one who initiates the relationship with us. He gives us an opportunity each day to respond (never waste it!): hear His voice, open our hearts to Him, and enjoy His presence.
  21. True joy is divine. It is only in the Lord we can always rejoice.
  22. Every day God loads us with benefits and bears our burdens. He is the reason of our devotion and adoration every single day.
  23. Trouble is a certainty we must face every day as long as we live. But we do not need to worry if God is with us because He is bigger than our problems. In the hand of God, our troubles will turn into good testimonies and our problems will become great purposes.
  24. The life of God’s true worshipers is filled with thanksgiving and praises to God for all His marvelous works, including the work of creation and the work of redemption.
  25. Your life is a gift from God. Surrendering your life to God is your gift back to Him. Abundant life is given to those who commit life to Christ.
  26. Faithful is one of God’s divine attributes. His faithfulness has been demonstrated in the fulfilling of His promise in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.
  27. Humility, gentleness, and patience are Godly characters developed through difficulties and expressed in forgiveness and loving-kindness.
  28. When we realize that God is our ultimate strength, protection, and comfort, we can never stop trusting Him and praising Him wholeheartedly.
  29. Let us not boast about something that is fragile. Boast only about the Lord for He alone is eternally unshakable. Boast about who He is and what He has done in our lives.
  30. The Almighty is our ultimate safety and protection from the enemy. Run to Him and dwell in His presence always.
  31. Love embraces and celebrates truth, not evil.