March of Hope

  1. True strength comes from the Almighty God. Seek His presence and abide in His word every day. His presence gives peace to the restless and His word gives courage to the hopeless.
  2. Patience and self-control are basic ingredients for greatness. These attributes are not naturally produced by human efforts. They are the fruit of the Spirit of God.
  3. The Spirit of God is amazingly well pleased to live in every human. That is why every life is precious in the eyes of God.
  4. Resurrection is only possible by the Spirit of God. The power of the Holy Spirit gives us, who believe in Jesus Christ, eternal life.
  5. As we continually feed on God’s words, His desire becomes ours and our requests will be in accordance to His will. Heavenly Father knows what is the best for His children.
  6. Trusting in the Lord and relying on Him gives us peace, joy, and hope that this world cannot offer.
  7. Forgiveness and purification begin with by humility and confession.
  8. Fulfilling the law of God is manifested in the acts of sacrificial love to others.
  9. Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Heavenly Father in whom humanity finds truth and salvation.
  10. The Lord’s blessing for God-fearing man: (1) Direction, (2) Happiness, (3) Prosperity, (4) Wisdom, (5) Covenant. The Lord honors those who honor Him.
  11. A righteous man produces fruit that brings life to others. A wise man inspires others to follow the way of righteousness.
  12. Staying near with God and dwelling in His presence is a wise decision and important commitment one can [and should] make every day. Living in a personal and profound relationship with the Creator leads to daily purification of our hearts and minds.
  13. Peace of God, which surpasses human understanding and reasoning, is given through Jesus Christ. This peace will cast away fear from our hearts and minds so we can live by faith in Him. To experience God’s peace, we should be prayerful and grateful always.
  14. God’s peace has been given in Jesus Christ amid the earthly troubles and sorrows as He has defeated death, the final enemy of humanity.
  15. Repentance precedes restoration. As we humbly confess our sin and turn to God, He will forgive and heal us.
  16. Jesus Christ is God the Creator and without Him there would be no life. The characters and attributes of God are fully revealed in Jesus Christ.
  17. God whom we worship is the good Father who never leaves us alone. His presence gives us hope and courage to walk through the storms of life. Trust in His promise of deliverance.
  18. Humans need both physical and spiritual nourishments. Every spiritual blessing we need has been provided in Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of our praise. The more we praise and honor Him, the more we grow spiritually in love with Him.
  19. True joy, peace, and hope are supplied by God alone. As we trust in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit continually works in us the earnest desire to constantly seek and depend on God.
  20. We know that we belong to God because the Holy Spirit is in us. As a result, we shall receive the greatest power from the Almighty and live a victorious life.
  21. Every problem in life is an opportunity to earnestly seek God, to draw close to Him. In the presence of God, there is fullness of peace and safety.
  22. The assurance of our hope is not based on the future certainty and possibility, but established by the faithfulness of God who holds the future.
  23. God has promised to heal and restore His people, to reveal His abundant peace and truth. Seek God, trust Him, and we shall receive His promise.
  24. It is wise to make plans, but it is wiser to know the Lord’s purposes in our lives and surrender our plans to Him.
  25. Jesus knows your suffering. He understands all the hardships you have been through. You are not alone, because He has experienced every pain in your life. His wounds can heal any diseases in your body and soul.
  26. Perfect love is divine because God is love. When we receive His perfect love, we live by faith and no longer live in fears.
  27. Contentment overcomes covetousness. It is a confidence in God’s faithfulness to realize His wonderful promise, plan, and purpose in our life.
  28. Each of us is facing a battle. Our enemies are not people, but evil spirits. The best weapon for winning this spiritual warfare is the Word of God. Love God, love people, fight the evil.
  29. Peace with God is made possible through Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross that redeems and justifies those who trust in Him.
  30. Every human being needs a figure of hero who loves people unconditionally by giving his life for them. We are all in desperate need of a savior, a healer, a redeemer—no man can be one, only the Almighty can.
  31. Apart from God, we can do nothing. With God, we can do all things through Christ who enables and empowers us.