September of Light

  1. Real prosperity comes from the Lord, possessor of heaven and earth. As God’s children, we can expect the blessing of our Heavenly Father who gives it generously without demanding painful labor. We can rest in His love and trust in His faithful provision while letting Him work in and through us.
  2. Serving the Lord is the Spirit-led decision we are to make to worship Him every day.
  3. God’s promise is cure for troubled heart. He has loved us eternally and His plan is always best for us. We can always trust in Him, our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Giving our burdens to the Lord is an expression of faith. In doing so, we trust that God cares for us and that He never fails nor lets us down. If we like God taking care of us, we must also like letting Him take control of our lives.
  5. Every human is created in the image of God. Every life is precious in the eyes of God. We are not a product of random collision of physical matters. Our souls testify the miraculous and unfathomable works of the Creator. Praise the Lord!
  6. Our good works should encourage people to glorify God, not us, because the light (wisdom and empowerment) that shines is essentially from Him.
  7. Our hearts need God’s love and Christ’s perseverance more than ever as we live in these uncertain times. Always believe that the Lord is faithful and that He is always with us.
  8. Living by the Spirit often brings sufferings to our flesh. But, we can rest assured with a sure hope that our perseverance will be rewarded with indescribable glory from the Lord.
  9. The life of Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of a man living in God and for God’s kingdom. Living a Godly life means following Christ.
  10. Wisdom begins with honoring the Lord. Understanding means knowing the Holy One. Wisdom, respect, understanding, and knowledge always go together and they ultimately point out to the Creator.
  11. God is the focus of worship. We come to worship the Lord with joyful hearts for His unending goodness.
  12. God’s love, that is His mercy and grace, encourages us to come to Him. Christ Jesus is our ultimate Helper and Deliverer and those who seek Him wholeheartedly will never stay in disappointments.
  13. Living for God’s cause is a privilege for every believer. God honors those who work for His kingdom. We honor God with our lives as we respect His Word and trust in Him.
  14. Christ’s believers are God-forgiven people who demonstrate kindness, tenderness, and forgiveness to others. As we have experienced God’s love in our lives, we are to let His love flow through us to others.
  15. God’s love is infinite. We can never comprehend the vastness of His love. Thank God, He never asked us to understand His love, but He has revealed His love for us. He invites us to trust in Him and receive His love in faith. If we can believe that our father loves us so much, we can also be sure that our Heavenly Father loves us so much more
  16. Always keep in mind that our accomplishments in this life are made possible by God’s empowerment. He deserves all the glory for giving us peace and for working in and through us to accomplish His purpose.
  17. Our ultimate strength comes from the Lord. As we wait on Him, He renews our strength. Waiting on the Lord exercises our faith and hope. Waiting on the Lord extends our patience and perseverance, putting Him at the center of our lives.
  18. Faith in God is not blind, irresponsible, nor unexplainable. If we take our belief seriously, we should be willing to share and defend it any time necessary, with the motive of honoring the Lord.
  19. Repaying good with evil is demonic. Repaying good with good is natural. Repaying evil with evil is carnal. Repaying evil with good is Godly.
  20. Keep doing your best, keep sowing good seeds, even in your difficult times. The Lord sees all your struggles. Great joy awaits you.
  21. Have sincere heart in prayer, do not pray out of obligation, but take delight in your prayers. Be prayerful with watchful eyes and thankful hearts.
  22. Everything that we give actually comes from the Lord. We can only give what we receive from Him. The more we give, the more we receive because we will never exhaust His supply.
  23. The Lord is our ultimate place of safety in times of trouble. Neither fires, floods, nor storms of life is powerful enough to Him. Neither one can stop His love for us.
  24. Victory over death is God’s ultimate blessing for His people. Our destiny is to live forever in the presence of the Almighty.
  25. In love, there is patience, faith, hope, and endurance. 
  26. Christ’s believers are called the light of the world. Since we put our faith in Christ, His light shines upon our hearts, moving us from darkness to light. Therefore, we can live to reflect the light of Christ, so that the world may come to know and trust in Him. 
  27. Have a genuine desire to please the Lord through what you think, what you say, and what you do. Focus your time and efforts on seeking the approval from the Audience of One.
  28. One of the ways we glorify God is by honoring His name. Never abuse God’s name for your own interests nor benefits. His name is holy, mighty, and above all names.
  29. Earthly life is momentary and its glory is fleeting, but God’s word is everlasting. Things of this world will never satisfy us, so the best place to anchor our hope is the unchanging, unshakeable word of God.
  30. The Word of God provides clear direction to us, so we can walk safely throughout the journey of life.