Month: April 2014

Envy is the number-one thief of our happiness. It is a heart disease that always steals our joy. When we envy toward someone’s life, we are complaining Father’s unique plans for us and we are trapped in a selfish and destructive mind that would have no end. We would never be truly happy as long […]

Being in the last semester of my study for Master program in Clean Energy and Chemical Engineering major at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), I was still not really happy with my work productivity. Although I have completed all the required class work credits, I still did not have any paper for my […]

I am super duper excited today! I used to wake up (a bit late) in the morning, turned on my laptop to check any soccer news or e-mail inbox. This morning (as usual, I woke up a bit late), I was so surprised when I opened my e-mail. I got a message from my professor […]