July of Dedication

  1. Two choices are given: the flesh or the Spirit (man-centered or God-centered). We can’t devote ourselves to both as they lead to different paths. The flesh leads to death and chaos, the Spirit leads to life and peace. Let the Spirit take control of our lives.
  2. Discipline is a painful and unpleasant process, but at the end produces a harvest of righteousness and peace in the Godly way of living.
  3. Great things and remarkable secrets will be made known by God through our personal and profound relationship with Jesus Christ, the mystery of God.
  4. Living in Christ means setting our minds and hearts on Godly things (which are eternal), not on earthly things (which are temporal).
  5. By God’s grace, every Christ’s believer receives abundant blessings: restoration, support, strength, and establishment after a brief suffering on this earthly life. We are called to inherit His eternal glory.
  6. Life goes on because of three eternal values from the Creator: faith, hope, and love. Love is the greatest of these because it is the manifestation of faith and hope. Love God and love people as the image of God.
  7. A God-centered life is built upon Jesus Christ, the eternal rock of salvation. In Him, we grow deeper in love with God and stronger in our faithfulness to Him. In Him, we can live with a thankful heart.
  8. The Lord knows everything about you, every request you have, every struggle you are going through, everything that is going to happen in your life. Surrender it all to Him and rest in His love.
  9. Love is pure and holy. It always does good and detests evil, without compromise.
  10. Eternal life is the definite result of knowing God the Almighty and Jesus Christ, the perfect incarnation of God.
  11. Once we become a new creation in Christ Jesus, we will cultivate kindness, faithfulness, and forgiveness. Knowing that everyone is fighting a battle, we should seek peace with one another.
  12. God’s peace is what we need every day, even for doing the very basic activities like resting and sleeping. The Almighty alone is our ultimate source of protection and safety.
  13. The ultimate purpose of God answering our prayers is to make us convinced of His existence and omnipotence. This knowledge leads us to worship and love Him freely and wholeheartedly.
  14. God-given freedom should encourage us, not to gratify our sinful desires, but rather to satisfy the desires of the Holy Spirit who lives in us, which are manifested in loving God and people.
  15. The Lord encourages us to be persistent and faithful in our prayers. Never stop praying. A constant communication with God leads to an intimate love relationship with Him.
  16. God has promised to provide us instruction, guidance, and protection as we walk in His way.
  17. Faith in God makes the impossible possible. Faith in God moves us from natural to supernatural realm where we will experience the mighty power of God. 
  18. Proclaiming the greatness of God is as necessary as giving thanks to Him. Telling the world about His marvelous works is as important as singing praises to Him. Let them be our delights forever.
  19. Everyone has one life which can be likened to a running race of faith. In order to finish the race well, we must have endurance by focusing on what truly matters, not letting ourselves distracted by unnecessary burdens and sin. Our life must be centered at Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith.
  20. The goodness of the Lord our God: He is always with us, He saves us from our troubles, He delights in us, He calms our fears, and He rejoices over us.
  21. God comforts us, not to make us stay in our comfort zones, but to enable us to comfort others, who are afflicted, with the comfort we already received from Him.
  22. Christian perspective on suffering is completely different than the world perspective. Suffering for the sake of Christ is a gift, not a guilt; a blessing, not a bane; a privilege, not a pudency.
  23. God’s love is the only reason we can experience His goodness and mercy all the days of our lives. It is the proof of His faithfulness, not ours. We respond to His love by taking pleasure in dwelling in His presence forever.
  24. Christ’s believers are God’s chosen people who have been appointed to leave their comfort zones and produce lasting fruit and whose prayers have been heard by the Heavenly Father.
  25. Keeping God’s commandments (obeying His laws) and seeking Him wholeheartedly brings divine favor and blessing in our lives.
  26. The presence of God in our lives is what we need to live without fear. The promise of God is the anchor of our faith.
  27. Life does not depend on the amount of treasures we have. God, not greed, gives us true and ultimate security in life.
  28. The Holy Spirit enables us to rejoice amid problems and trials. As a result, we grow stronger in our endurance, our character, and our hope of salvation. The Spirit-driven life never disappoints nor is disappointed.
  29. Promotion comes from the Lord as we live humbly before Him. When the Lord lifts you up, no one can put you down.
  30. A blessed life is filled with the mind of Christ. Focus our mind on the eternal values, on the matters of God’s kingdom. It is more than just a positive thinking.
  31. Jesus Christ came to Earth to restore human’s relationship with God, which was broken by sin. Only through the Son of God we may be justified and have peace with God the Father.

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