November of Mercy

  1. God’s power is already manifested in the creation of the world and all creatures. Human’s conscience and consciousness should have perceived it, so there should be no excuse for not believing in the Creator.
  2. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but through Christ, everyone can receive God’s forgiveness. Therefore, we must be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to one another, remembering that everyone is fighting a battle.
  3. Loving our neighbors as ourselves is fulfilling God’s law. The way we treat others reflects the way we honor the Creator.
  4. God’s presence in our lives gives us strength and courage to overcome every battle we face in life.
  5. As long as we live, we are given an opportunity every day to seek the Lord, to ask for His mercy and to receive His forgiveness. Turn to the Savior who is able to heal and restore us completely.
  6. God is the ultimate authority who appoints every human authority. We honor God by honoring the governments, who also need our prayers, so that they can lead with wisdom, power, and integrity from God.
  7. God is invisible but that does not mean we can’t perceive Him. Jesus promises that the eyes of a pure heart can see the holy God.
  8. Peace from God is an exclusive gift that cannot be found from this world. God’s peace gives us comfort, courage, and confident to live by faith in Him.
  9. Real love is manifested in actions and in truth. The best demonstration of love is seen in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross to save humanity from sin and evil. 
  10. The children of God are peacemakers, characterized by these traits: forgiving, merciful, loving, generous, sincere, diligent, and wise. 
  11. Religious gathering is only meaningful if the One being worshipped is present with the worshippers. As we gather in the name of Jesus Christ, we can be sure that God is with us.
  12. Be wise and gentle with our words. They have power to lift up or tear down the hearers. Our minds need to be filled with wisdom from the Word of God before we can deliver uplifting and life-transforming messages.
  13. The humble and God-fearing people are going to experience life to its fullest, filled by riches, honor, and long life, in the present time and/or in the life to come. 
  14. God is able to turn human’s wicked plan into a great blessing for you, for your family, and even for your countries. He is sovereign and good—His plan was, is, and will always be for your good. Put our hope in the Almighty God.
  15. God is bigger than any problem we are facing. He is faithful and good to us, He will never leave us alone. In His sovereignty, God allows the problem to happen, so that we may experience His miracle and the power of His love.
  16. God’s presence with us is the ultimate safety that makes us through any circumstances of life. 
  17. The fact that all humans are sinners shows that salvation is only possible by God’s grace, not human’s merit. Salvation is God’s gift for all mankind through Jesus Christ’s work of redemption on the cross that has paid the penalty of our sins. Therefore, we are justified freely by putting our faith in the Son of God. 
  18. Through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven. By the power of His love, we are delivered from darkness into His kingdom. 
  19. By the Lord’s mighty power, we can be strong and unshakeable in our struggle against the spiritual enemies. If the Lord is with us, we shall not fear—no evil can stand against us. 
  20. Knowing God is a lifetime process which requires the quietness of heart and mind. As we live amid the noise of this world, we need God’s words more than ever to realize that ultimately it is all about Him—He alone deserves all glory.
  21. Jesus Christ has come to give us peace with God. By His wisdom, we can know the true God. By His love, we can have personal and profound relationship with the Almighty. All this is possible because He is the only true God and eternal life.
  22. Everyone needs mercy and grace, and likewise, everyone needs to be merciful and gracious. That is the way of life reflecting the nature of the heavenly Father.
  23. Faith is the power of prayer. Faith believes in God’s power to answer prayer. Faithful prayer believes that God is able to do great things and give good things for His people.
  24. True followers of Christ no longer live with selfish ambitions and worldly concerns. They are filled with and led by the Spirit of God to pursue His kingdom and righteousness and live with eternal perspective.
  25. God’s perfect love casts our fears away. There is no better feeling than knowing that God is with us and we are eternally loved by the Almighty.
  26. God is eternally loving. His love is unending and unfailing. Nothing can separate us from His love, as He has drawn us to Himself, so we can always rest assured in Him.
  27. The Lord is more pleased with righteous and just acts than with sacrificial works. Doing righteousness and justice brings peace and security to all, while offering sacrifice is demanded to restore peace and security, as a result of disobedience. 
  28. We can know for sure that God lives in us and we in God if we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 
  29. Having mercy and intimacy with God is better than offering sacrifice. Be compassionate to others and be passionate to know the Lord. 
  30. The best demonstration of God’s love can be witnessed in the life-giving sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save sinners from spiritual death into eternal life.