The Secrets in Your Body

Do you believe that God has created human beings with the purpose? If you are still not sure, here I wanna share to you some wisdoms behind the creation of a human being. Even your body would show you about this truth.

1. Human is created with one mouth, two ears, and four limbs.

One mouth and two ears remind us to talk less and listen more. But, more than just listening or talking, we need to do something real. We should practice what we have already known. The problem is people usually “speak their minds” more frequently than “practice their minds”, as we often heard about NATO (Not Action Talk Only). In fact, every human is normally equipped with two hands and two feet so that they should work more. Don’t just LISTEN to your heart, don’t just SPEAK from your heart, because the most important is to DO with all your heart.

Two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.
Two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.

2. Human is created with two eyes positioned on the front of the head.

Some animals, such as rabbits, buffaloes, and antelopes, have their two eyes positioned on opposite sides of their heads to give the widest possible field of view. Even some birds have 360-degree field of view without moving their eyes. It is different with humans who are created with forward-facing eyes, called binocular vision. Humans can never have 360-degree field of view eventhough they turned their heads back. Head can not fully rotate 360-degree. This fact reminds us that we are basically created to see the things AHEAD. Don’t keep trying to see the things BEHIND. Don’t always regret upon your past. Look at the future and believe yours will be brighter. Always have a great vision in your life. Dare to dream as higher as you can. If you can see it, then you can do it, you can be it.

Don't look back.
Don’t look back.

3. Humans can not see their own bodies completely.

This is real. I can not see my whole body by myself. I just can take a look at some parts, like my hand fingers, foot fingers, and knee. But it’s difficult to see my whole hair, ears, shoulder, even my face and its parts! I can’t directly see my eyes, my nose, my lips, and my teeth by myself. Do you have the same problems? Then how can we do all these things? You know that…The only way to see my face by myself is by using a mirror! (Nevertheless, I can’t still clearly take a look at them in details anyway)

Discovering the lion in your mirror
Discovering the lion in your mirror.

But, this is true: my friends can see my whole body better than I do. They can see my frontside and backside. They will remind me if there is something wrong with my face or my back. Otherwise, I can see the whole body of my friends better than they do. I can see their frontside and backside. Then I will remind them if there are something wrong in their faces or backs. We need one another. We can’t live alone by ourselves. I don’t want to think that I am the smartest person in the world. I need help, support, and even correction from others. I must confess that sometimes my friends know me better because they can see me better. That’s why, together we can support one another, sharpen one another, and grow to be better and better.

Together we can be better!
Together we can be better!

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