A Leap Day Note

It’s been over 7 years now since I started my blog. I am grateful for the opportunities to pour out some of my thoughts through writing.

In addition [to writing on my blog], I have been actively writing for research papers from my master and doctoral studies for journal publication.

In the 7th year, last summer, I was given a wonderful privilege to be a contributing writer for Christianity.com, an online platform for Christian articles.

It is truly only by the Lord’s grace!

Humanly speaking, I am not actually qualified, considering my backgrounds as a non-native English speaker and a non-biblical scholar.

I am not a theologian nor a religious person. I realize that I am a sinner who just has a simple desire to know God more.

These past three years I have been actively posting Bible verses each day, but that is not at all to show my sanctity. It’s not about religion, it’s just a lifestyle.

I am fully aware that sharing “religious” thoughts via social media is not a popular activity. People could easily misunderstand that. But, it is not my job to make everyone happy with my posts.

I was inspired by what Pastor Bobby Bonner said, “My culture is the Word of God.” That is also my hope to live a life that is surrounded by and revolves around God’s Word.

After all, if you could not share good news with your tongue, you can still use your thumb (and fingers, of course).

Happy Leap Day 2020!

A Leap Day Note. Image adapted from Google.

Vancouver, February 29, 2020

One thought on “A Leap Day Note

  1. Gaynell Evans

    I am so grateful for the explanation you gave on praying in the spirit. Thank you and may God continue to give you the wisdom and knowledge that you need to help others. God bless you.

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