2014 Year-End Notes

2014 is the year I will never forget. My graduation day is the best-special day I will always remember in my life. What makes it special? Firstly, it represents a personal accomplishment in my education, the area where I have committed myself for the last five years (after my undergraduate study). Secondly, it is the day when the moment of happiness is shared with my parents and twin-sister, who have always supported me in their prayers, and especially to my parents, who have patiently raised, nurtured, and taught me since my childhood, I dedicate this glimpse of joy. Thirdly, it will always remind me of how much love, help, and support I have received from my friends who are living nearby as well as from “invisible people” who have been faithfully praying for the best for me. I would never deserve this reward without such plenty of kindness and care.

I would say that I have been learning a lot of things from various kind of people throughout this amazing year! I began to see things with new perspectives: being different is not always being opposite (or opponent). I could feel a significant progress in my maturity level; not to say that I am going older (or in the aging process), of course. 🙂

There are five indicators to suggest that our maturity level is in progress, I called it “5-S”:

1. Seriousness

Life is full of challenges and we need to face every challenge respectfully with a great sense of responsibility. In the comfort zone, we tend to be careless, take our blessings for granted, and even underestimate the opportunities that are coming to our ways. To accept the challenges and turn them into benefits, we need to be respectful in doing our assignments (either big or little things). Being serious is about being focus, and doing things wholeheartedly.

2. Sincerity

Of course, it feels good to receive any compliment from others when we had successfully made any accomplishment or shown any progress in our works. However, we cannot always expect people’s attention or seek others’ approval. Our performance is not intented for pleasing others since human’s appreciation is temporary and it will change, sooner or later. It is our own responsibility to keep developing our skills, growing our attitude, and improving our knowledge for the sake of God’s pleasure. I like a quote: “Do your works in a silence and let your success make noise” and also this one: “Everything is done privately will be rewarded openly“.

3. Sacrifice

The more you are mature, the more you are unselfish and the more you are willing to sacrifice yourself. How to be unselfish is a lifelong learning for everyone. Being unselfish demands our humility. Humility is not a destination, it is a direction. Nobody has reached a certain level of humility, but we need to learn to humble ourselves everyday by seeking not only our own benefits but also others’.

4. Sensitivity

The opposite of love is not hatred, but ignorance. Selfish people tend to be unconscious to surroundings. They are not interested to other parties, they do not have enough time to care for the needy, they are only interested to their own businesses. When we are getting more mature, we begin to develop our sympathy for others. Our hearts are open for any “divine interruption” that even would take our times, energy, and resources. We are willing to allow God to take control of our lives for His divine purposes.

5. Simplicity

A child wants anything. Immature people also want to possess everything. They want to visit every places, they want to be the best in everything, they want to have every things. It’s impossible, of course. Such complicated desires lead to dissatisfaction in life. However, a mature person knows what he/she really wants, that’s why life is more focused and simple. The mature will realize that they cannot be everything. They know that they have only limited resources to achieve limited targets within limited time. They feel no pressure but can take pleasure in doing the things they are purposely designed to do.

Seoul, December, 2014


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